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Ladies stop and read

Ladies please

1. Don’t date a guy in hopes of change him.

2. Never fucking ever better a man. I know this sounds alarming but hear me out. If he is struggling then yes be there for him and build him up. But if he ain’t doing shit…fuck that nigga don’t get attached do catch feels.

3. If a guy is good to you and don’t want nothing but love and affection he is “a nice guy” if he wants time, energy, power, he is a “nice 😕 guy”

4. You are your man companion not his source of income, place of living, pet, owner, care giver, mother, and he is not your level of social status.

5. Your are beautiful and it’s your body whatever you wanna do with is your decision. And the man who love you would appreciate anything you do to it.

Things I need men to stop bullshitting about

Look I’m sick of the nice guy bs.

1. You’re post to treat women nice

2. If you treat her nice and still doesn’t want to be with you then oh well her lost keep it moving.

3. Women don’t like ass holes girls do.

4. If don’t know the difference between a girl and woman that’s a keep point why your single.

5. Some girls do like boys that treat them like shit…why are you wasting your time chasing after them?

6. Don’t be just a nice guy be a good person. You might treat her great but in the same breath curse the world and make drama for yourself.

7. Be real with tell her what you want out of the relationship and take it slow

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